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Freight Shipping Company Adds Cargo Freight Shipping To Their Services

18 Sep 2012

Contact: Mark Goodacre
Tel. (866) 326-5902 Ext. 3330


SAN DIEGO, CALIF – September 18, 2012 – Cargo freight shipping is a unique type of shipping that isn’t emphasized by many freight companies. With millions of dollars of cargo freight coming into the country, it is important to get the cargo freight from the point of entry to its final destination safely. American Freightways, leaders of freight shipping is proud to announce the addition of cargo freight shipping to their arsenal of shipping services.

There are millions of dollars in cargo shipment each year and it is vital to have a company that can ship it from cargo to destination quickly, and at reasonable costs. American Freightways has delivered several tons of freight for many years, offering many services that are available to businesses of all sizes.

American Freightways will save you money and time, all the while providing excellent customer service every step of the way. From the beginning you will feel comfortable and secure that your shipment needs will be met. Along with cargo freight shipping, American Freightways also provides LTL, FTL, Warehousing, and Heavy Duty Shipping to their line of services.

It doesn’t matter what size the cargo freight is, American Freightways is the answer to your freight and logistics needs. Your experience will be one to remember.

American Freightways is a logistics provider that can handle the logistics of any size. With reliable and timely transportation they are the standard in freight shipping. They also provide services such as warehousing and third party logistics solutions. Call (866) 326-5902 x3303 or email for more information about their services.