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Qualities of Reliable Freight Management Services

02 Jan 2020

In freight management services and logistics, freight forwarding is an integral part often offering an array of services spanning from storage to shipping merchandise to preparing of the import-export documents. A freight forwarder tracks inland transportation, does freight consolidation, arranges for warehousing, negotiates freight charges, books cargo space, obtains shipment insurance, and files for insurance claims. So freight forwarding is a very crucial service that helps ensure a smooth and fast cargo and goods shipment. While there are many freight forwarding and freight logistics companies, you need to realize that all are not created equal.

Here are five qualities to look for when seeking a reliable freight forwarding company:

Highly Organized and Skilled

A freight forwarding company should have a highly organized and qualified team that understands the documentation procedure that is used in shipping items in and out of the country or continent. A reliable forwarder should provide efficient and accurate services to the customers because if there are mistakes in shipping cargo, it can be very costly. There is hardly room for mistakes or errors in this business.

For example, an error in the delivery of cargo or documentation can lead to a lot of inconveniences, loss of business for the customers, and a costly rectification of the mistake. That said, there are insurance policies designed to chip in when such circumstances arise. However, it doesn’t make sense if you have to rely on insurance claims for mistakes done – that should come as the last resort. Your goods should be shipped accurately and to the right destination at once.

Quality Packaging Service

The company handling your shipment needs should offer quality packaging solutions. Product packaging is an important thing when it comes to shipping products. Whatever mode of shipping you choose whether by sea, air, or land, the shipping conditions are often tough. Your shipment could be damaged if not properly packaged. A reputable forwarder has an efficient and secure packaging system for different products, especially fragile products.

Great Network of Brokers and Agents

A trustworthy forwarder should have a network of agents and customs brokers who are reliable. These agents should be located within the country of origin of the goods and the destination of shipping the goods. Having an ideal network of agents and brokers ensures that all issues pertaining to your shipment are seamlessly handled. It reduces delays in shipment because it can be pretty expensive.

Effective Communication and Tracking

You will need to work with a forwarder who is able to provide you with updates on the whereabouts of your shipment. If you are shipping products overseas, there is a need to have distinct communication. It helps you understand how your shipment is being made. You need information on real-time progress as well as the precise location of your shipment. It helps give you peace of mind as well as assurance that the products will arrive promptly and in time.

Adequate and Appropriate Insurance

While you want the goods to arrive in good shape, mistakes or accidents can occur unexpectedly. It is very important you deal with a forwarder who has the right cargo insurance so that in the event of damage to your shipment or merchandise, you can be compensated. If there is a decrease in cargo during warehousing or shipment, the forwarder’s insurance should take care of those problems to ensure you are compensated.

A freight forwarding company should be well-versed with freight management and offer the logistics that are needed when shipping cargo. The company should be very professional, highly communicative, and has a good network of agents that prepare documents and handle other cargo shipping procedures to allow a smooth flow and transit of goods.