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12 Most Common Designs of Shipping Containers

29 Jan 2013

Shipping containers form the most fundamental part of the global economy. The containers are used to store goods that need to be transported from one place to another across the globe. Use of standardized shipping containers has revolutionized the way businesses ship their products, and made it drastically easy and affordable for them.

From a million-dollar enterprise to a small business, shipping containers are a must to store, transport and ship the large volume of goods. Container units available in the market may vary in construction, material and dimension. Businesses choose the type of containers that best meet their requirements of cargo freight shipping.

The 12 most common types of containers used in freight industry today are as follows:

  1. Dry Storage Containers

    They are used in shipping dry materials and are available in many different dimensions certified by ISO. Some of the most widely used sizes are 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

  2. Flat Rack Containers

    In this type of containers, the sides can be folded so as to create a flat rack for shipping a great variety of products.

  3. Open Top Containers

    Top of these containers can be entirely removed to accommodate goods of any height.

  4. Tunnel Containers

    As suggested by its name, these containers with its two side open doors look replica of the tunnel. The structure helps the shippers to load and unload the goods with minimal time and efforts.

  5. Open Side Storage Containers

    The front doors can be opened entirely and leave a much wider room for loading of goods. This kind of containers is widely used as a storage unit in the global freight industry.

  6. Double Door Containers

    Double doors make it easy for loading and unloading of the freight. Construction of this sort of shipping containers is typically made of steel and iron. They are available in standardized sizes of 40ft and 20ft.

  7. Thermal Containers

    Certain products need constant exposure of high temperature during shipping. In such scenario, thermal containers are chosen to store the products over long distances.

  8. Refrigerated Containers

    They are mainly used in shipping of fruits and vegetables over long distances. The temperature in the containers is maintained very low to keep the substances fresh and intact.

  9. Tank Containers

    These are liquid storage containers. They are typically constructed of strong steel and other anti-corrosive materials to protect the liquid freight inside it.

  10. Roller Cargo Containers

    They are foldable containers mainly used in the shipping of stacks of goods. The affixed rollers make it extremely easy to shift containers from one place to another.

  11. Half Height Containers

    Constructed of steel, these containers are half of the height of the full sized shipping containers. They are mainly used for goods like stones and coal to support easy loading and unloading.

  12. Car Containers/Carriers

    These are exclusively designed for the shipment of cars for longer distances. They come with foldable sides and other accessories that ensure the car doesn’t move from its place during shipping.

With a plethora of logistic companies across the world, it is certainly not difficult to find the right company for container freight shipping needs. However, if you are looking for shipping containers, hope the above information will help you make the right selection.