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A Sprinter Van is the ideal solution when you need to transport and deliver small haul quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

The advantage of using one of American Freightways Sprinter Vans is that it has a larger cargo capacity than regular cargo vans.

With a cargo space of up to 13.5 fee you can carry the equivalent of three 48 x 48 skids or pallets with over 5000lb of cargo.

If you need to carry around your own equipment, think of it as your storage room on wheels with rear and side door opening and the ability to stand.

If you need to transport goods to multiple locations, a wider cargo space and easy in and out will make delivery a pleasure.

Do you need to deliver a small load and you don't want to deal with finding and sharing space on a big 18 wheeler? A Sprinter Van is the answer.

Some of the benefits of using a Sprinter Van are:

  • Larger load capacity than Cargo vans
  • Easy to drive and navigate
  • Rear and side door opening
  • Ability to stand
  • Wider body
  • Can carry a good amount of weight

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