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Most trucking companies have limited truck options for their customer's shipping needs. In many cases, you may be limited to a 48' or 53' van's flatbeds or refer trailers. Why get stuck paying for more truck than you need? American Freightways offers a versatile straight truck fleet that lets you choose a truck that best fits your hauling needs. By providing straight trucks tailored to each shipment, we keep operating costs low and save you both time and money.

American Freightways provides full service local, regional and final mile freight services. Utilizing our dedicated fleet of straight trucks, also called box trucks, we provide straight truck delivery service across the US. Our fleet of straight trucks includes trucks from 16-26 feet with an option for lift gate delivery. Straight trucks can handle up to 12 skids, 11,000 pounds, and/or 1,700 cubic feet.
With our straight truck fleet, we serve our customers with rush delivery service, same day freight delivery service, next day delivery service, dedicated service, and lift-gate delivery service.

Straight Truck Trailer Dimensions

  • Length: 22 - 26 feet
  • Width: 96 - 102 inches
  • Height: 12.5 - 13.5 feet
  • Max Weight: 11,000 pounds
  • Max Pallets: 12 Pallets
  • Max Volume: Approximately 1,700 cubic feet
  • Commodities Hauled: Furniture, office material, local vendor material, and much more.
  • Options include: lift gates, vented trailers, and refrigeration.

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