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American Freightways Offers Unparalleled Sprinter Van Service

03 May 2016

If you have a need to transport loads of cargo that are larger than what will fit into a cargo van but yet not quite large enough to occupy an entire truck, you should consider Sprinter van service from American Freightways.

A Sprinter van is a van which has been specially designed to provide an increased cargo space larger than that offered by traditional cargo vans. It’s not quite as large as a truck, but larger than a cargo van. A Sprinter van is versatile, efficient, and easy to use.

You have your choice of options when you are looking for a Sprinter van company. There are several companies that offer the use of a Sprinter van, yet American Freightways stands out from all of them. With our reputation for quality service, reliable delivery, and courteous drivers, you will find that working with American Freightways is a pleasure. There is a reason so many of our customers end up recommending us to others, and we invite you to try us for yourself so you can see why we have built the reputation as being the company to go to when you are looking for Sprinter van service.

If you have operated your own business for any length of time, you already know the pitfalls of settling for anything less than the best when it comes to the service your vendors provide. You know that cutting corners now to save a few dollars can easily lead to increased costs of doing business down the road.

Nowhere is this truer than in the delivery arena. If you use a Sprinter van company that employs the cheapest labor available, there is a good chance your delivery will arrive late, damaged, broken—or not arrive at all. This leads to increased costs for you, the business owner, as you have to divert precious time and resources into shipping replacement goods to your customer.

In addition to the cost of replacement goods, you could end up losing a customer, which costs you even more. Further, even if your customer stays with you, you will still have to deal with the time and hassle of locating another Sprinter van service to deliver your product right—the way it should have been delivered the first time.

Contact American Freightways if you need a quality, reliable Sprinter van company. We’re here to help you!