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America’s trucking Industry set to grow by 21% in the Next Decade

24 Oct 2012

Freight shipping is about as important aey can do.

As per the recent report released by the American truck association, the trucking industry will be grown by 21 percent in the next decade. So, an analogy goes like this: during a typical motorway journey, the average driver sees around ten freight trucks with different goods on board. After ten years, as per the report, it is estimated that the average driver will see 12 freight trucks, which is quite a remarkable raise.

There are several things which can be derived from the report. First, the American economy is slowly and firmly recovering, which demand for more business and business relevant shipping. Secondly, country’s national highways should be kept well-maintained, so they do not cause any trouble during container freight shipping. Third, form 2290 (HVUT- Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) will be considered obligatory to finance the maintenance and enrichment of the national roadways and motorways. So, goods transportation remains trouble-free!

The ‘Heavy Vehicle Use Tax’ is a customs duty rule that was passed by the Internal Revenue Service before 50 years. A customs duty is a tax taken on the import and export of the goods. This tariff is mainly for the heavy vehicles like trucks, which are found to be greatly damaging the country’s road network. Thus, freight trucks that are being used on a daily basis are liable to pay calculated tax based on the total gross weight they carry.

The first and foremost reason of collecting this tax on heavy freight vehicles is to finance the project devoted to the upkeep and development of America’s road network. In no way it can be said that freight transports are the only reason for the road damages, car accidents too can cause considerable destruction; though, the results of several studies show that trucking freight is the principal reason for car mishaps and road damages.

There won’t be hype if I say freight trucking is the backbone of America’s businesses; transportation of goods and products from one corner of the country to another is a crucial factor in any company or manufacturer’s success. The heavy duty tax is projected on vehicles with a core intention to support the growing economy of the country. With enhanced safety regulations, improved roadways, better administrations and efficient traffic management system, road travel becomes far easier!

If you want to support the growth of the trucking industry, you must deal with the trucking freight or logistic companies that make regular tax payments. Remember, the more they run, the more you flourish. Are you looking for a trucking freight company? If yes, consider American Freightways.