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Avoiding Adjustments to Freight Shipping Service Prices

03 Feb 2014

You are using a freight shipping service and you want it to be cost effective when doing so. When using US freight shipping, that means not only doing your research and doing your math, but it also means trying to get things right so there aren’t any adjustments to the price at a later date. This happens all the time. But you can avoid it in many situations.

  • Limited Access. If access to the location to where the shipment is being sent is limited, adjustments or additional fees may be applied. This limited delivery adjustment can come into play in cases where the delivery is to a church, a construction facility, a school, a rural location, a business located outside city limits, or a farm. It could even be added when the destination is somewhere that is open during limited hours or there is no one on duty to assist when the delivery is made.
  • Residential. People shipping freight regularly often encounter this. Essentially any destination that is not a business could accrue a fee for shipping to a residential address. But be careful. It is possible this could apply in situations where the business is not properly labeled.
  • Dimensions. There can be an oversize fee for shipments over 12 feet in length. Make sure you measure, and measure carefully, and you will ensure this adjustment isn’t added to your shipment.
  • Lift-Gate Trucks. This is an adjustment for when a lift-gate truck is needed. Docks need to be accessible in order to get the shipment on or off the truck for particularly large shipments. If they aren’t, a lift-gate truck is required. If that is the case, an additional fee may accrue. This is added often in cases where the shipment is over 100 lbs. or exceeds 72 inches in height.
  • Changes. If there are any changes to the bill of lading, then that is an opportunity for freight shipping services to possibly apply an adjustment fee. Check all shipping addresses, the weight, the piece count, and the freight call and make sure they are accurate.
  • Freight/NMFC class. If the quote is based on a Freight/NMFC class and that is incorrect, then an adjustment might be made.

Although some of these things may seem unavoidable, others you may be able to avoid with just some diligence and checking to make sure all documentation is correct. Good luck and happy freight shipping.