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Carriers and Brokers in Auto Transporting

16 Jan 2018

Vehicles are the most effective medium of transportation, but how can these vehicles be transported to long-distance destinations without hassles? The answer is auto transporting, a way of transporting vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even boats from point A to point B.

How does auto transporting work? Individuals and businesses that need to transfer their cars and other vehicles to another location, especially if there are multiple vehicles, need a reliable and licensed auto transport business. This particular auto transport business will effectively move the vehicles from one point to another, without inflicting any damage to the vehicles, through loading them up and securing them on a vehicle carrier trailer.

There was a significant boost in the demand for auto transporting due to the benefits that this industry is giving to businesses, and even individuals. This type of service can actually eliminate any stress of manually driving the vehicles over to the location – road hazards, accidents, and bad weather. A licensed auto transport business can always ensure safety and security. Another thing to consider is the maintenance cost that auto transporting can help – money and time.

Carrier vs. Brokers

Although the auto transport business is already a growing trend throughout time, the idea of carriers and brokers still confuses a lot of people. What people do not realize is that there are two types of auto transporting – carriers and brokers. So, what’s the difference?

The “carriers” are the companies that handle everything – trucks, fees, and operations, while “brokers” are the companies that contact the carriers and arrange the trip. Now, this is the important thing that people should take note – all claims are handled by the carriers, not the brokers because the carriers are the company responsible for transporting the vehicles. The brokers will never be held liable for any damages because they are not the one who handles the operations. Brokers only communicate with several carriers to make moving possible.

Which is Better?

This really depends on what the business or a person needs. The benefit of getting services directly from the carriers is a faster transaction and a faster way to move your vehicle. If you are looking for an auto transport business that can transport vehicles quickly and effectively, while ensuring safety, carriers are often the first choice. This is because they handle everything and don’t need to contact other companies and other businesses.

On the other hand, for businesses and people who want to look for the cheapest option, then brokers can be their best friend in auto transporting. Brokers can help in getting lower quotes from the carriers. This is because the carriers are the “third-party business” and brokers often choose the competitive price.

In the end, auto transporting will still be the solution for moving valuable vehicles to other destinations effectively, whether you want a faster transaction or a lower fee.