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Choosing Freight Shipping Services Over a Traditional Moving Company

20 Nov 2015

Do you have a move coming up and are considering how to get your belongings from one side of the country to the other? While some people choose to hire a traditional moving company, others may select a freight shipper, as freight shipping services offer a variety of great benefits.

All About Traditional Moving Services

Household moving companies typically providing moving services, and while many companies will move your entire household, others will help you to move individual furniture pieces or appliances within smaller shipments. Many moving services won’t require that you do much to prepare your items, especially the larger things that you need to have shipped, and you won’t need to crate your shipment. Pickup and delivery options tend to be available with a traditional moving service.

Freight Shipping Service Basics

Freight shipping services provide another option when it comes to moving large household items. Most freight shipments are designed for commercial products, but if you need to ship a large item, you could also consider a freight shipper. Choosing a freight shipper can be especially helpful for fragile items, as you’ll be able to pack them on your own to assure that they arrive safely, and by providing some extra effort, you’ll be able to shrink-wrap your items onto a wooden pallet so that your shipment can be processed as a single piece, reducing the likelihood that items are separated or lost throughout the process.

There are several benefits to choosing freight shipping services. Cost, which is important during your move, is a major factor, as consolidating your needs for transportation into freight shipping can keep costs affordable. This option also tends to get your items to their final destination faster than a traditional moving service. Additionally, once your items arrive at their destination city, there are more flexible options than with a traditional moving company, as freight shipping services will be more likely to hold your items within its terminals until you are able to pick them up.

If you will be using a freight shipper to move your large items across the state or country, there are some important things to consider. Some freight carriers will only operate within a specific region, while others will provide nationwide services. You should also be sure to look for a carrier that isn’t going to hand your shipment off to a regional carrier on its way to its final destination, as fewer transfers will improve the chances that your shipment arrives at your new home intact and undamaged.

Both traditional moving companies and freight shippers can be good choices for your move, but it is important that you fully consider the pros and cons of each. By doing your homework, you’ll find the moving solution that will get your items to your new destination at the lowest cost.