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Container Freight Shipping

12 Sep 2012

Containers are shipped all year ‘round and companies all over the world ship them with a timeframe in mind, and require them to be shipped to businesses throughout the United States in a cost-effective manner. With plenty of things that can be shipped it’s important to be able to get it from one destination to the other without incident. This requires a fleet of professional drivers and services that will get containers where they need to go safely.

In 2011 the most common items that were shipped in a container (either from overseas or domestic) are:

  • Textiles and Prints – Billions of dollars of textiles come in every year. They are distributed to thousands of stores and distribution centers around the country.
  • Chemicals and Hazardous Materials – Research and development is a very key component to government institutions and universities. It takes very special care to ship in a container and a specialized driver and fleet can get the job done.
  • Food Goods – Not so much the perishable kind, but non-perishable items are shipped in bulk. Grocery stores and food banks from all over the world get their shipment from multiple sources.
  • Technology – Technology is shipped in bulk but this is where experienced drivers come into play. There is a special way to package it because it is so sensitive to heat and cold. Technology generally has a very fast turnaround from a shipment standpoint.

Container freight shipping is a meticulous trade because, quite honestly, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. A simple fleet isn’t capable of handling it because they’ve handled other large freight. It doesn’t quite work out that way. On top of that, most of the container shipping companies do not have a system in place that allows for quick shipping, so essentially they are already behind the 8-ball. There are advantages to having a freight shipping company with years of experience like American Freightways – one that can get containers to their destination on time and the shipment, safely.

Freight shipping is a particular business, one that is full of surprises. It’s not something that is simple to do but if you have a container that needs freighting from one city over or across the country, hire the person that you can trust and that has a good reputation on their side like American Freightways. Both of these will go a long way in getting your container freight to its destination quickly and safely.