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Containerization – A Breakthrough in International Freight Shipping

21 Dec 2012

Today, cargo shipping is the most common and most efficient method of global freight shipping. And undeniably, containerization is the key factor behind the astonishing success of ocean freight shipping.

A Glance at the History of Containerization

Very few people know that the concept of containerization was brought to this world by a great American Man, Malcom McLean, in the 20th century. Witnessing the inefficient loading and unloading of sea freight for 20 years of his life, he realized the need of effective method in the global shipping industry. Thus, Malcom came up with an idea of standard containerization. This is the reason why this American entrepreneur is called the father of containerization.

Development in 21st Century

Today, more than 16 percent of export deals from around 200 nations across the world are bound for the USA, out of which 60 percent of freight is shipped via sea freight containers. From the very first day of 21st century, more than 90 percent of international freight is moved using sea freight containers loaded on the ships. The statistical values showcase the significance of ocean freight container in the global economy as well as on the lives of human beings.

How international container freight shipping takes place?

With a large number of automated harbors in most of the developed countries, loading and unloading of cargo containers has become faster and profitable. A logistic solution provider first determines the size and type of container for the shipment. There are different types of containers including half height, open top, open end, open side, flat rack, liquid tank, refrigerated and a standard dry cargo.

Your export or import goods are packed in a shipping container and then loaded on a carrier, or a ship in case of ocean freight shipping. The shipment is brought to the port of the destination country, where it is checked by custom officers of the respective country. Now, if you have hired a logistic solution provider company, you need not to worry of any formal or legal procedure needed in shipping the goods.

Some companies use advanced shipping containers that allow you to track where they are and you can also know what is there inside them all the time. With the development in technology, the newly designed ships are able to carry a higher amount of goods, meaning you can load more shipping containers now.

Why hire a freight forwarder?

The pallets and shipping boxes used in packaging and moving the goods needs to follow the international shipping standards of the container. Organized loading and unloading of freight can reduce the cost and improve productivity. If you are a business involved in import and export of products, you ought to hire a good freight forwarding company.

From shifting of the freight from your warehouse to unloading them at the receiver’s place, a freight forwarder will look after the entire process. Containerization has revolutionized the international ocean freight shipping, bringing extensive development in overall efficiency.