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Dependable Freight Services in California

03 Nov 2015

When it comes to shipping your product to and from California, you want the best freight services available. American Freightways understands that your product is your reputation and your life line. Whether you need to ship heavy agricultural equipment across the state or are shipping out something that does not require a full truck load, there are dependable solutions for all your freight shipping needs.


Common acronyms if you aren’t familiar with the logistics of freight shipping. FTL stands for ‘full truck load’ and LTL stands for ‘less than truck load’. When the product you need shipped is less than a full truck load, you are able to share truck bed space with another customer or multiple customers. This saves you money, but may not save you time if others are not ready to depart and/or your destination is the furthest away. If you aren’t sure of what you need, freight forwarding services of American Freightways can help you find the most affordable and reliable transportation solution for you.

Heavy Haul

Maybe your freight shipping needs are on the opposite side of the scale spectrum. Heavy haul trucks offer flatbed services for freight that is too big for a single trailer. These massive undertakings involve more than just getting the oversized objects onto the truck. Permits and escorts are often needed in addition to strict safety regulations that need to be followed. You need an experienced freight service provider to ensure everything is done correctly.

Timing is Everything

Upholding your company’s reputation involves meeting deadlines. It is no different with ours. That is why some freight services in California are able to be shipped overnight, same day, or even as a partial truck load. Strategic management and decades of experience allow for dependable and timely delivery. Transporting what you need moved in the most accommodating ways is what sets a great freight servicer apart from all the others.


It is impossible to list standard prices as there aren’t standard shipments. Each truck load is weighed and total miles of the trip are also considered. Having your shipment rushed or having a heavy haul all affects the cost of transportation. Fuel costs are also a major determining factor and vary weekly. Quotes are easy to get and will help you understand what goes into freight shipping.

Working with an experienced freight shipping business will give you confidence in knowing you are receiving reliable and consistent services.