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Did You Find a Freight Broker Agents Opening Near You?

06 Jan 2014

“Become a freight broker agent!” It’s a job that has become increasingly popular. You hear about a Freight Broker Agents opening near you and you begin to look into just what that means. More importantly, how do you get started?

Of course, as in any career, knowing more about the field and having initial connections is good. Some people have this, but many people do not. It would be nice if you were born into a family in which logistics and transportation was part of what everyone talked about. It would be nice if you had uncles and cousins in the business. But that is likely not the case. So most are, for all intents and purposes, starting from scratch.

That doesn’t mean you can’t create your own opportunity and initiative. Being a freight broker agent is about learning the ins and outs of the trade and being creative with the knowledge that is gained. That knowledge can be gained in many ways. There are courses. Those can be a great first step. Along with that, getting any beginning position with a transportation company in some way can also be a major step in the right direction.

Talk to people. Read forums and learn more about freight broker agents and what the position entails. You could spend some time on a forum with someone that has been in the business for years. Before you know it, you could get a lot of inside advice on how to get started, on what to spend your time, as well as on what to not spend your time. You strike up a conversation and you may learn that classes are ideal for picking up the basics while many of the real in-depth learning is done on the job and getting your feet wet.

Don’t be afraid to get out there. That is, don’t be afraid to look up where a transportation and/or logistics hub is and walk right in introducing yourself. Even if you’re not talking to a freight broker agent (many of them work independently), when it comes to the transportation industry, you may find that you are quickly talking to someone who deals with freight broker agents. When it comes to getting things from one place to another, many parts move at once and everyone often comes across one another at a certain point. Talk to people in the field and get the low down on what the job involves from one day to the next. As you look at those want ads for a Freight Broker Agents job, you can’t go wrong by first talking to others about what it all means.