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Different Types of Freight Shipping Services

02 Jan 2018

People’s lives today are becoming more complex as the years and generations go by. In order to match the fast-paced world that people are living today, companies come up with new products and new goods that will be able to supply the complex demands of the community – food, clothes, household furniture and appliances, high-end gadgets, and other commodities. We all know that manufacturing these products and final distribution of the products are both important, but we often neglect the importance of freight shipping services. Without the freight shipping company, the products and goods will never reach the retail stores.

Freight transportation is the “process of transporting” bulk shipments from one point to another. Although the goal of this service is to transport the freight, there are other important things and processes that freight shipping services involve. Aside from the transportation itself, the freight shipping company is also responsible for the paperwork, proper handling – what is fragile and not, organizing, and scheduling. So, freight shipping is really a crucial process to help manufacturers meet the needs of their customers and to help the customers buy products from the manufacturers.

To even give the people an idea about freight shipping and transportation, there are different modes of transporting the products and goods, depending on what the destination seeks.

Ground Freight Shipping

This is also known as the door to door shipment and the most affordable form of shipment, but this is also sometimes more costly than sea cargos due to some roads and infrastructures problems. Usually, trucks are the vehicles used in moving cargos that only requires shipment within a close proximity. For example, a freight shipping company in the US can only use a ground freight shipping service for shipments that only requires transportation from one state to another.

For a farther destination, rail freight transport is also advisable – freight and goods trains and railroads. This is a fast, efficient, and safe way to move cargos than trucks because this form of ground freight shipping will never encounter traffic congestions and other road hazards.

Sea Freight Shipping

This is the most common type of freight shipping, wherein cargos are transported via ships and ferries, especially in shipping overseas. Sea freight shipping is the “foundation” of the world economy because shipping is vital for countries in order to import and export products and goods. Although this is the cheapest way to move freight internationally, this is also considered as a slow way to transport, not just for shipments, but for passengers too.

Air Freight Shipping

This may seem to be the most expensive, yet the most effective way to move cargos. Travelling via an airplane is always the fastest way to reach another state or another country. The same goes for freight shipping; it is also the fastest way to transport shipments to another destination – both locally and overseas.

These types of freight shipping services can also be involved in just one shipment. For shipping internationally, a sea or air freight shipping is needed. However, in order to move the cargo from the airports and piers, ground freight shipping is required.