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Enroll in a Freight Broker Agents Training Program or Join a Freight Company?

21 Nov 2012

A freight broker agent is a person or a company that co-ordinates with the entity (person or company) that needs shipping solution and transportation company that offer freight carrying vehicles, takes complete responsibility of the shipment, and make sure the shipment is reached on time and on the right place. Logistic industry has created a lot of buzz across the globe. This has inspired many young fellows to carve their professional career in this field.

Do you want to get expertise in freight brokerage? You have got two ways: enroll yourself in a freight broker school or find on the job training. Finding a freight broker agents training school may seem easy in comparison to finding a logistic company that offers on the job training to become a freight broker. However, I would highly recommend you to join a good freight shipping company that offers free freight broker training.

Why spend thousands of dollars as a tuition fee of freight broker training school when there are many companies that offers training for free or at a negligible amount. With the help of the internet, you can easily conduct research and come up with a good sales job along with brokerage training. Even large freight firms or third party logistics service providers don’t prefer to hire broker agents from the broker schools.

If you are working with a logistic company as an agent, you will not be unfamiliar with carrier management, billing, claim handling and safety parameters. Moreover, every logistic company has its own software and set of procedures that they follow for freight brokerage. A broker school can never accommodate everything in their syllabus; neither can they keep pace with the fast-growing freight industry.

I strongly believe that a person who wants to make his living from the freight brokerage industry must understand all the fundamentals, including terminologies, of this field first. If you are thorough with the concepts and good at sales, you can surely become a good freight broker agent. While browsing the internet, you will find a number of online coaching courses for freight brokers. All you will need is the PC with internet access and you can start attending classes online.

Joining a transport company is a good idea for those who want to start their own freight brokerage business or who want to work with a large-scale logistic company as a freight broker agent. Transport companies are at the heart of the shipping industry. Their insights and experiences will help you understand this domain in a great way. The technical expertise you will gain from a freight company will boost your confidence and get you an edge over others.

Enrolling in a freight broker program is an expensive option. You will have to make a large invest before you receive final certification. Rather, you can join a freight company like American Freightways as an agent and start making adequate amount.