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Finding the Best Freight Shipping Service for Your Needs

05 Jul 2017

Starting a new business in any industry is difficult as it is, especially if your company requires freight shipping service. While it is easy to find any freight shipper on the internet, it is challenging to find a legitimate and reputable freight shipping company that cares about your business and will meet your requirements.

To help you in the process of finding “the one”, here are important dos and don’ts that you should consider.

Do consider your requirements to what the freight shipping service company can provide.

Before scouting for freight services, make sure that you have identified your needs and requirements. This way you can match your needs versus the capability of the service company. For instance, if you have a huge shipping requirement, you cannot rely on a mom-and-pop freight company to do the work for you.

Do ask for customer references that you can get in touch with.

Companies who are proud of their business and their reputation in the freight service industry will readily provide you with a list of their clients so you can learn more about how they operate. Make sure to ask so you can get in touch with actual clients who have tried the service.

Don’t forget to conduct a background check on the company you are considering.

Make an effort to learn more about the company. Years in the business, the experience of the management and staff, relationship with clients, and accreditation and awards are just some of the basic information that you should look for. Partnering with a freight company that has been doing business for many years is much better than a newly established one since the length of years is an indication of the company’s stability. Fostering a long-lasting relationship with their clients is another sign that they are able to meet clients’ expectations. Ultimately, the more you know about the client, the more advantageous for your business.

Don’t readily believe the company’s sales pitch and advertisements.

When you conduct your background check, refrain from using the company’s advertisements and promotion materials as a basis. Keep in mind that ads are meant to highlight the positives and downplay (or sometimes even bury) the negatives about the company. Real customers who experienced the service are always your best bet.

Any freight shipper can claim that their service is the “best” but it takes a bit of work for you to discover the truth on your own. The dos and don’ts listed above will help you determine the most suitable freight shipping service company for your needs.