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Freight Broker Agents Wanted. Do You Have What It Takes?

11 Aug 2014

Are you tired of working for someone else? Working for someone else means they set your hours and your pay. They dictate what you can and can’t do. You can be the hardest working employee your company has, but you don’t see yourself getting any further than the employee that just ekes by. Perhaps it’s time to consider being your own boss, working the hours you want to work and making as much money as your hard work allows. Sound good? One exciting opportunity would be to become a Freight Broker Agent.

What is a Freight Broker Agent? To put it simply, a Freight Broker Agent is someone who works independently under a Freight Broker and arranges for a trucker or a company that is available to ship products with someone who has items that need shipping. A Freight Broker Agent has to ascertain what the requirements of the shipper are and finds an appropriate carrier at a price that is acceptable to both. It may seem easy to put the two together, however, many shippers have requirements and cost boundaries and may not know a reputable carrier that fits those criteria.

There are some requirements that are necessary before you can call yourself a Freight Broker Agent. You must first contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and obtain a license. Acquiring insurance to protect yourself and your clients from damage or loss is another must. There are also many places that require Freight Broker Agents to carry surety bonds too. Affiliating yourself with a known freight company might alleviate some of these financial requirements.

But what about you? Do you have what it takes to do this job? You must be a highly motivated and reliable person. Someone who has the confidence to reach out to shippers and negotiate a great deal. Are you someone who is personable and determined to meet a client’s needs? It’s a plus if you have knowledge of the freight, shipping or transportation business, but it is not always necessary. There are some excellent Freight Broker Agent training schools available. American Freightways offers an excellent training program for those new to this career path.

With all the products requiring transportation to intended customers, the transportation industry is growing with no end in sight. So, the next time you see Freight Broker Agents wanted, sign up! Take this opportunity to join the fast paced, satisfying career as a Freight Broker Agent!