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Freight Brokerage Business – The Smart Way To Become An Entrepreneur

29 Apr 2013

Statistics from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics show that 70% of the goods by value that are transported across the country is done by trucks or more formally known as the Freight Industry. More than 80 percent of the transportation revenue of the country is earned from the trucking industry. These statistics are more than enough to establish that the trucking industry is one that is most successful and flourishing. Though the industry is huge, it is still growing and there are lots of opportunities for those who want to enter and make a successful business out of it.

The opportunity for new individual entrants to the trucking industry is mostly in the position of Freight Brokerage agents. The freight brokerage business is where you want to be if you wish to become an independent small time entrepreneur in the trucking industry. The importance of this area of the trucking industry comes from the fact that freight brokers are the critical link between the shipper and the carrier. Shipper is the company or the individual whose goods are to be transported and the carrier is the truck company that is going to ship the goods.

The basic and essential responsibility of a Freight Broker is that they use their networking skills to find potential customers for the carrier company for which they earn a commission. Also they need to help shipping companies find reliable carriers for their goods, do all the necessary transportation related paperwork and make sure that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition at the destination.

What makes the freight brokerage business an attractive opportunity is the independence and a sense of ownership that it offers. It is always better to work independently than under a boss. Also since the remuneration is on a commission basis, you will be handsomely paid if you work hard and have a good customer base. The knowledge of the US transportation industry and any earlier experience will be a great asset when you want to become a Freight broker. However, there are freight broker training programs that you can take if you are a newcomer in the industry. Most carrier companies who are in need of freight brokers offer these training programs so that they can train interested and motivated people themselves.

Once you are trained, it is easier to set up your own brokerage firm. The initial set up cost of your firm would be very minimal, compared to establishing start-up businesses in other sectors. All that you will need will be High speed internet connection and communication devices like phones and fax machines. Once you have customers, then there is only one way to go – FORWARD, to achieve success in your business.

The opportunities in this area of business are growing day by day, especially with the boom of the e-commerce industry and increased export and import of goods in the US. Once you secure a good network of customers then making it good in this business will be a piece of cake.