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Freight Forwarding Firms Simplify Shipping

15 Jul 2014

Whether you’ve just started your business, launched a new product line, have a new customer in a location that isn’t served by your current carrier or you’re just looking to streamline your distribution, you may want to look into freight shipping companies to see what they have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised.

One of the most crucial elements of your business is getting your product delivered on time, undamaged and as economically as possible. You don’t want to own your own fleet of trucks because the learning curve is high and the expense is extreme. You want to manufacture products. That’s your core business and you want to concentrate your capital on building your brand and developing new products to bring to the marketplace.

This is where freight forwarding firms enter the picture. Their core business is ensuring that your products get to the destinations as quickly and economically as possible. They have the skills to determine the best mode of transportation, the right size and type of truck or carrier, and will create time efficient shipping schedules, calculate weight and tracking mileage and will handle permits and other needs as they arise.

This saves you money because they have the experience to know just what mode of transport is best for your goods and the most time efficient route to get to your destination. No longer will you pay for a truck that’s too big and only half-loaded. A freight forwarding firm will tell you the truck is the wrong size and when you downgrade to a smaller truck with a full load, your costs go down too, and that’s good news for you and your customers. With the money you save, you can invest in your core business, whether it’s raises to retain good employees, R&D for new products or investing in new machinery in your plant. It simply translates into good business.

American Freightways has decades of experience in the transportation industry. As an integrated logistics provider, we understand your needs from the moment your product rolls off the line, because we’ve been there. We ship goods throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and foreign countries so we know what you need to get your goods delivered on time and with a minimum of hassle. We have an excellent credit rating and have broker agents throughout the lower 48 states. Try American Freightways and see if we can’t help you cut costs and ship more safely, reliably and economically.