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Freight Shipping 101

18 Aug 2014

Suppose you have a business that needs to have your merchandise delivered to its customers. Do you even have an idea how to find the right way to ship your merchandise? Do you have any idea on what a fair price would be? What routes do different carriers take? Well, as you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for a freight carrier for your freight shipments. Let’s delve into this and become a bit more knowledgeable about the process.

You should first determine if your products fall into a full truckload category, less than a full truckload category or a heavy haul category. There usually isn’t a problem with a truckload or less of merchandise, but having a heavy haul load might be difficult for some freight companies. Make sure the freight company you have contacted can accommodate the size and weight of the item(s) you need shipped. You’ll need to check how long it will take to get your product in the hands of the customer. If you have less than a truck load of merchandise, is the remainder of the trailer being used by another shipper who will cause your merchandise to be delayed while theirs is delivered first?

Check on the reputation of the freight shipping company you are considering. Contact previous and current customers for any reviews they might give you. Does this freight company come up with miscellaneous charges? Are they frequently late on deliveries? Is the merchandise delivered in good condition? Do the drivers have a good safety record? These are all important pieces of information. You’ll also want to know that the company has all necessary licenses, certifications and insurances.

It seems like a lot of work to do to pick a reliable freight company, doesn’t it? You can make the process of freight shipments much easier by enlisting the services of a freight broker. A freight broker is a liaison between you and the carrier. The freight broker is knowledgeable about all things transportation. They have many contacts to choose from and they can find you a reputable freight company that will meet all your needs at a price you can live with.

Many freight companies, like American Freight Ways, have expert freight brokers on hand to help you. This makes the process of finding the perfect freight shipping company for you a stress less assignment. One phone call and your questions are answered and problems are solved! Class dismissed.