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Freight Shipping Business at Christmas Time

08 Dec 2014

Christmas is coming and with it comes the mad dash for getting Christmas packages to your loved ones who live in another state. This time of year also means a huge demand for retailers to have products on their shelves or to have products shipped to the customer in time for the big day. Every year there are horror stories on the news of how packages are handled roughly and deliveries not making it on time. How can you be sure your deliveries will not make the evening news footage? You’ll need to follow a few steps.

  • Prior to contracting with a freight shipping business, get references from past customers. Did the freight shipper get the packages to the location on time? If so, did the packages get delivered in good condition?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the freight shipping company questions. Is this shipper authorized by the DOT? Are their documents in order? Have the drivers been cited for any violations? Drivers should be obeying the rules of the road. Are the trucks used in good working order? Your products won’t get to their destination on time if the company has trucks breaking down during delivery.
  • Always check on insurance. The freight shipping business you are looking at should insure the load fully in case of loss.
  • Check the freight shipping companies route. Does the truck carrying your shipment make numerous stops prior to the destination of your delivery? Unexpected delays at other stops could put your delivery behind schedule. And unless your shipment fills a truck trailer fully, it is also helpful to know what other products will be in the trailer with yours. How will these products be stored? If you’re shipping a load of fragile crystal stemware, you don’t want it loaded under a shipment of dishwashers.
  • This is a busy time of the year for freight shippers. Book a freight shipping business in a timely manner so not to disappoint your customers. The longer you wait to reserve a truck, the more chance you take that none will be available.

It only takes a little time and some smart investigative questions to determine which freight shipping company will suit your needs. At Christmas time, businesses need to work fast to satisfy the demand for products and not disappoint their customers. Christmas is coming, make sure your products are too.