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Freight So: The Effective Way to Ship

12 Aug 2012

When shipping across the country you know that there are many logistical nightmares that are attached to it. There is always an uneasy feeling when it comes to this and the common issues of whether or not your shipment will be getting there on time, or if it will get there safely are always brought up. Freight and shipping are essentially where it is. Whether it’s shipping from the east coast to the west coast, or hauling freight from the docks of Maryland to a Virginia warehouse, freight companies are designed specifically to handle this.

The Types of Services

Good freight and shipping companies will offer a number of services to open up their operations for your purpose.

  • LTL – Less than truck load shipping is pretty effective because you’re talking about 20,000 pounds or less. One truck might be able to do it – and to a lesser degree a smaller truck saving you money. There isn’t going to be a lot of heavy duty items being brought with a shipment like this, but there could be. People moving across the country or even companies that have small amounts of items to ship or move commonly used this.
  • FTL – Full truck loads are ultra important for large businesses or industrial businesses. Cargo containers and all that are absolutely wonderful to have but they have to be shipped all over the world. This is where a FTL load comes in. Without a fleet that is devoted to that cargo freight shipping would be non-existent. This is an essential part of the fleet that needs to be maximized. Whether you are in industry or have more than 20,000 pounds of equipment to haul, this is what you need to utilize.
  • Warehousing and Freight Forwarding – Forwarding ensures that your shipping logistics are handled, inventoried, stored, and distributed. This is a lot of work, but it is work that is absolutely necessary. Freight and shipping isn’t an easy business to handle if you aren’t familiar with its inner workings.

In the full spectrum of things, carriers can’t do the job you need to. There are particular fleets that have this in mind for you. Shipping needs range all across the board but to get the biggest bang for your buck, skip the carriers and play with the big boys like American Freightways.

There are plenty of great reasons to go with a shipping service like American Freightways in the Us to be done right.