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Freighting is the Business Way

12 Jul 2012

When people think about shipping and freight, often they think about small outfits such as FedEx and UPS. Yes, these shipping carriers do have their place in the world, but when it comes to large freighting, these companies won’t do. Picture this: a small business gets better tax breaks and incentives moving their business from California to Arizona. They need to get their business to their new home and uproot files, equipment, and technology across state lines in a hurry. This scenario happens a little more frequently than we think – but this is just one example of dozens of where freighting can’t be handled by small carriers.

It is estimated that a small business averages 15,000 pounds of equipment that range from standard office equipment to servers and server units. The cost would nearly be astronomical if renting Uhauls and other rental services. Freight and shipping is a very carefully planned, meticulous job. In the example above, a small business office can be successfully moved from building to building across the state line in a matter of days – not weeks. And the cost? The cost would be extremely low as well, compared to what carriers would charge. Shipping items in as few trucks as possible will reduce the cost of shipping no matter how far it goes.

Cargo freighting is something else that has tremendous value for businesses. Oftentimes, the cargo is sensitive. There are many facets to shipping that are meticulous but with freight companies, their specialty is to provide shipping services to businesses of any size, or individuals who have larger shipping needs (such as moving).

The freight business is very fragile, but there is a reason why it’s the longest standing industry. Freighting businesses also work on behalf of businesses to help them save money and help them get the necessary freight to specific places on time. It could be sensitive materials like chemicals and various hazmat, or large pieces of furniture and equipment. All of these things are vital to the success of your business.

Freighting is generally needed for various reasons and the shipping needs differ from company to company. Shipping does get tricky if you are not careful, but professionals like American Freigthways are trained in just about everything that has to do with shipping and freighting. Everything from invoicing to scheduled drop off of goods has to be considered, which is where these freight businesses come in handy.