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How Freight Broker Agents Can Accelerate their Career Growth

09 Jul 2013

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge of all time for freight broker agents is to find the trucks. And the scarcity of truck drivers in America these days has
made this job more challenging for brokers and agents.

However the fact is that, not all freight are same and it holds true for freight broker agents as well. There comes a time when trucking companies or
carriers contest to ship your freight and also comes time when the silence in the market is intense.

And hence the question that might have arisen in your mind is how to find and retain truck capacity? As such there is no magic wand to accomplish this. But
there are some fundamental business rules that successful freight broker agents follow to outshine their competitors and stand out in the marketplace.

Here are 5 proven tips that will help you boost your career capacity:

1. Keep building new relationships

Adopt the proactive perspective and pull out all the stops to build relationships with truck drivers, carriers and truck freight shipping service provider companies
well before you need them. Invest time and efforts to nurture these relationships, rather than giving all your attention on the current loads on hand. Ask
the trucking companies how you can you help them take their business on the next level, and never overlook on long-term goals fulfill short term goals.

2. Leverage the technology

If you want to make the most of the time available in your life, use of modern day technology is a must for you. There is plenty of software available out
there exclusively for freight brokers and broker agents.

Buying one of them may make your job easier and faster. Making use of smart phones or tablets for instant messaging, sending emails, trace loads, etc. are
highly recommended. Leveraging the advancement of technology not only simplify your job, but also help you convey your value and efficiency in the market
more efficiently. You may also make use of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to retain and make new industry connections.

3. Never lie

Put your feet in a shipper’s shoe before misleading him or conveying a wrong message regarding the freight. When asked about the details of the load, you
should always speak the truth and be available to them until the completion of the task.

4. Lead, Lead and Lead!!!

Find a leader within you and always take the ownership for both good and bad incidents in your work. If there is a problem, try all ways to find a
legitimate solution rather than focusing on the problem itself.

5. Think ‘BIG’

As said by someone, ‘It is your attitude and not your aptitude that will decide your altitude’. The bigger you think, the higher you will go. There are
numerous tales in the history of America’s freight shipping industry about freight broker agents who started with nothing but later become the owner of
successful freight brokerage firms. All you need to do is stay focused and keep learning.

If you are a fresh graduate looking for a bright career in the America’s multibillion dollar transportation industry, search a good freight broker agents job and prepare yourself to accomplish your
ultimate goal. Also, follow the above tips to increase your carrier capacity.