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How to Become a Freight Broker Agent

28 May 2014

If you have experience in shipping and want to advance to the next level of your career, you may be considering becoming a freight broker agent. However, one cannot simply apply for such a job without proper training and knowledge of all that the position would entail. Thankfully, there are establishments and freight brokerage companies that will offer comprehensive freight broker agent training, enabling you to gain the knowledge you need and acquire the position you desire.

Before choosing a freight broker agent training course, you should first compare the various courses you find to ensure that the training course you choose will ultimately teach you all you need to know and provide you with the exact tools you need to be proficient in the position. In addition to gaining a strong overview of the freight shipping industry, you should also be made aware of the laws you need to follow and the license you need to apply for with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) in order to become a freight broker agent.

There is a great deal of responsibility in the position of a freight broker agent. Not only will you need to know the laws that must be followed, but you should also have a full understanding of why such laws are important. This will ensure that you handle the responsibilities of a freight broker agent with the utmost professionalism, and truly grasp the many aspects that the shipping industry entails.

Additional Roles You May Play as a Freight Broker Agent

Learning the day-to-day operations of a freight broker agent is of course the main purpose of a freight broker agent training course, but a truly good course will also teach you valuable lessons in many other areas of business that will help you to excel in and grow your business. Look for a training course that teaches you marketing and sales techniques to help you attract and acquire clients, as well as important skills for networking, as well as how to set goals and reach them in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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