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How to Find Customers When You Are a Freight Broker Agent

18 Mar 2014

One may think that by being a freight broker agent, it would be easy to find customers – this is not always the case. A freight broker is responsible for finding the proper empty containers and trucks for the amount of product/merchandise that will be shipped from one point to another point. Whether the transport is just across land or overseas, a freight agent handles all of the details. The trucks are not owned by the agents themselves, but they are considered to be the intermediary who negotiates prices while still being able to charge a slight fee to make some profit as well. As an agent, one has the ability to work from home if they have access to the internet, have developed a large/strong customer base and owns a fax machine. Once a freight company works with a particular agent, if they are pleased with the services and prices they will generally come back repeatedly as well as spread a good word to their fellow transporters. On top of developing a strong customer base, it is imperative to be licensed and insured as well as being bonded.

There are many free freight job boards where an agent can register their company and connect with contacts. Some of these free job boards will offer a 30-day trial membership where at the end, an agent can decide whether or not the site is working for them and if they should consider joining a paid job board site. Once access is gained on these sites, an agent can skim through the various shippers and find where the trucks are located. Another thing to consider is finding out where the different destination sites are as well so you know where the trucks are able to return the loads.

Freight brokerage firms can also provide the same assistance to you. They seek out the most professional and efficient ways to provide customers with the services they need and guarantee on time delivery. These freight firms are able to stay in business all of the time because they meet and exceed customer expectations and are able to do so in a cost-effective manner. Another great benefit to freight firms is that they are usually licensed and bonded to serve all 48 contiguous states, whereas an individual freight agent may not be able to. There are a couple things to consider when deciding to go with an individual agent or brokerage firm, most importantly, find one that will work for you and be able to obtain the prices and services that you need.