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How to Find the Right Freight Forwarding Companies

08 Sep 2014

When you decide to use freight forwarding companies, you are trusting them to get the products you are shipping where you want them. Business and individual are often counting on these companies to deliver their products where they need them, when they need them and at the price they can afford.

There are often two different ways to look at these companies.

  • Freight brokerage companies – These are not the actual shipping companies. They will work on behalf of the companies and the clients to find the right service for a person or business. They are essentially a middle man that puts the two parties together and charges a fee.
  • Freight forwarding companies – These will do the actual storage and shipping of the freight. They are the ones that are responsible for getting the shipment to the destination on time and in good condition. They will arrange the mode of transportation and the place where the items may be stored.

The choice of whether to deal with a brokerage or an actual forwarding company is up to the individual or a business. The brokerage may help find the best deal because they work with several companies, but there are plenty of people that prefer to work directly with the companies. Either way, there are many things to consider when choosing a company to forward your freight.

  • Terms and policies – These should be available to the prospective customer before they agree to anything. If they are not, it may be better to look for another company.
  • Scheduled delivery – A good company or broker will give a delivery schedule and will be able to meet that schedule. They should have a good track record of on-time deliveries that they can show to their customers.
  • Capacity – The amount of product that a company can handle will be important for many businesses. If they cannot handle all of your shipping needs, they may not be the right company.
  • Types of products to be shipped – It is important that the company has the experience needed to haul your shipment. If they cannot handle the products you are shipping, they should not be used.
  • Cost – This is always a very important consideration. The cost of the shipping can vary between companies and brokers and it is important to get the right price for your freight forwarding.

It is worth taking the time to find the right freight brokerage companies or forwarding companies whenever you are in the need of one. The wrong decision can cost time, money and a lot of frustration.