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How to Find the Right Freight Shipper

11 May 2015

Every day, there are people that need to get something shipped from one place to another. E-commerce businesses, people using eBay or Craigslist and other businesses rely on shipping companies to get their products from one place to another. These businesses rely on a freight shipper to do their job. Like any other business, there are good freight shippers and there are shippers that do not do as good a job. The key for anyone that is going to need a shipper is to find the right one.

Setting the expectations

The first thing that needs to be done when looking for the right shipper is to set some expectations. There are certain things that you should expect from a freight shipping company.

  • Timely shipping – This does not necessarily mean the fastest shipping. A good shipping company will be able to provide a timeline for their shipping that they will meet. As long as they are reliable, it is easy to decide if they will be able to deliver the shipment in the time frame that is needed.
  • Up front about cost – When it comes to paying for shipping, the worst thing is surprises. A freight shipper will be able to provide an accurate estimate and will be upfront about all fees that can be added to the cost of shipping.
  • Secure – It is expected that the shipper will be able to deliver the products undamaged and that they will keep them safe and secure during shipment. They should have a track record that shows this.

There can be other things to look at that may make one freight shipping company better than another. Many shipping companies use technology that allows them to track a shipment throughout the entire process. That makes it possible to know exactly where a package is at any time. Other companies offer pickup and delivery service for the shipments. All of the little things can play role in deciding what company is the right one to choose.

Following up

Despite the best efforts of setting high expectations, not all shipping companies will be able to provide what the customers want. It is the responsibility of the customer to follow up. They need to pay attention to their shipment and if they have any issues, they need to communicate them to the shipping company. They need to make sure they know what type of resolution to the problem that they have and that the company follows through on their promises. That will help make sure that the right company has been chosen.