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How to Start a Freight Broker Agent Business

27 Oct 2014

Being an entrepreneur is something many people dream about. Having your own business sounds exciting and can mean freedom from tyrannical bosses, annoying coworkers and long hours. A freight broker agent business can be the answer you are looking for.

Starting up a freight broker agent business doesn’t necessarily require a huge outlay of your money. You can operate out of your home if desired. A computer, a phone and a good filing system will get you started. Whoa, not so fast! To really succeed as a freight broker agent, you will need to be very familiar with all things shipping. Starting out for a year or so with a shipper or trucking company will give you the basics. Also a comprehensive client list will be invaluable. Concentrate on creating a good working relationship with both shipping clients and freight services. There is also the question of insurance. A broker is responsible for having the mandatory surety bond and paying the trucking firms or carriers. Bookkeeping and a keen eye for detail is key in this business.

Most people who decide to start their own business don’t think much about how their personality fits being their own boss. Are you motivated? Laziness will not allow your business to flourish. Do you have excellent customer service skills? Poor attitude, negativity and pushiness will not endure you to potential clients. Are you organized? Imagine a desk filled with stacks of random papers and there you are struggling to locate that estimate you need. Not a habit that will get you far.

When considering a freight broker agent business, you will need to decide if you will have other agents working for your business. Each agent might specialize in a different type of shipment or concentrate on a specific geographical area. This scenario puts you in the position of “boss”. Do you have the skills to be a leader that motivates employees? If not, and you are considering a smaller piece of the freight broker agent business pie, why not opt to be a freight broker agent? Not having your own business will save you money for insurances. You can work for a shipping firm and still be in the thick of things matching up shippers and trucking companies. You can enjoy the fast paced job of being a freight broker agent without all the administrative headaches.