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How to Start As a Freight Broker in the American Transport Industry

28 May 2013

The global trucking industry has become a trillion dollar market now, and the U.S. alone shares more than 42% of its revenues. So, it is not surprising for me to know that more and more of people are excited to become a part of this money-making industry today.

Oh wait… do you also want to become a part of the American trucking industry? You are on the right page then.

Gone are the days when railroads were ruling the U.S. Commerce. With more and more interstate highways in the 20th century, trucks overtook the business from rail networks. The ATA statistics show that almost, 43 million tons of freight worth $29 billion is transported via highways on a typical day in the country.

The growing demand for freight shipping and the demanding conditions for freight management in the U.S. transportation industry leave bright career opportunities open for freight brokerage business, or persons who want to begin as a freight broker agent and help shippers arrange carriers to load their goods, all for a slice of a lucrative commission.

In this post, I’ve covered the topics as listed below:

  • Essential qualification to become a freight broker
  • Pre-requisites for Running A legitimate Freight brokerage business
  • Financing Needed To Begin As a Freight broker
  • Reasons to Gain Ample Experience Before Running An Independent Business

Is There Any Degree in Becoming A Freight Broker?

Well, there is no degree or a diploma, as such, to become a freight broker. Also, there is no specific qualification bar defined to enter the industry as a freight broker. A person from any discipline can become a part of this fastest-growing industry and earn his or her share of money.

However, one needs to be aware of all terms and trends of the industry before starting as a broker. There are a number of online courses and schools running freight broker training programs today. So, it won’t take much effort really to find a good one. Many logistics companies also offer on-the-job training, which, in my opinion, is the best option for greenhorns to gain the insights of the industry in the best way possible.

Things That Are a Must-To-Have before You Begin

Some online freight broker courses claim that to begin as a freight broker all one need is a phone, fax machine and time. However, it is not completely true. You need to have a federal license and insurance as defined by the ATA legislation.

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) is responsible for managing the license of freight brokers in the U.S. Ideally, license is enough to kick start your business. But, no shipper will seal the deal until you show them your broker authority and a surety bond.

Establish Your Financial Credibility

It is crucial to get your finance in order before you begin your business as a freight broker, as shippers are quite cautious about inexperienced or unplanned brokers who sign up the deal but do not meet their financial obligations at the end of the week.

Build Your Contact List First…

If you want to run a full-fledged freight brokerage firm on own, it is wise to learn the fundaments of the industry by working as an agent first. You can either work under established brokers or in a large logistics service provider company.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your own business as a freight broker and make some handsome money.