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I Saw a Freight Broker Agents Opening

19 Jan 2015

So, I’ve been out of work for a few months now. When you can’t find another job immediately after getting laid off it works on your self-esteem. Rejection letters and emails are disheartening, but the jobs that never even acknowledge that you’ve applied are even worse. I’ve decided it’s time to take the bull by the horns and figure out what the best job for me will be and just give it all I’ve got!

The first thing I needed to do is write down my skills. First of all, I like a fast paced work environment. A career as a doorman or guard isn’t going to be something I’ll enjoy. I need something more challenging. I found out on my last job that I had a strong talent for scheduling. I’m also very organized and detail oriented. My last job was with a freight company loading trucks and I really enjoyed that line of work. I have so many contacts, maybe I could find something in shipping.

I searched online for a position with a freight company that would fit my skills. There it was; I saw a freight broker agents opening with American Freightways. I doubled checked all the experience requirements. Guess what? They will train me! They offer freight broker agents training to those just entering the field. And they even give you some of the necessary equipment to get started as well as the resources you will need to succeed. The ad went on to say American Freight will do all the hassle of the administrative part of being an agent. They check credit for you, check insurance and pay bills. They also offer fuel advances for additional savings.

American Freightways has openings all across the country. You can work in-house for them or work at a remote location. American Freightways is certainly a reputable company. It would be great to work with them. With my knowledge and enthusiasm for this field and the freight broker agents training offered by American Freightways, I’m sure I will succeed. Just when I thought I was destined to be a department store greeter or a fast food server, I found my perfect career. If you are interested in the freight and shipping business, do yourself a favor and go the Check out the freight broker agents opening and see if it might be the career move for you.