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I was Looking for a Freight Broker Agent Job

05 Jan 2015

Well, here I am, 46 years young and finding myself in the unemployment line. I had a great job working in a warehouse until 2 months ago. I had been with that company for 20 years. Just like that, we downsized and I was given the dreaded pink slip. At my age, I figured it would be really difficult to find another job. Who wants a middle aged warehouse worker? Maybe I won’t be able to physically lift things like a younger person. Maybe I’m too set in my ways to learn all the newfangled computer programs they now use in the shipping business. I thought being an old dinosaur would leave me working at a fast food drive-thru window.

Not so fast! I was looking on-line and saw a website for American Freightways. They have a career center on the site. I didn’t think a driver position would fit my life at this stage, but they had a listing for a freight broker agent job. I read the requirements needed and really started getting excited. They had easy to understand dispatch software. And they will manage all the administrative functions. I can even work out of my own home! The next part of the suggested requirements sealed the deal. They are looking for people who have transportation knowledge; someone who has a customer base. Well, if I haven’t gained transportation knowledge and experience in 20 years of warehouse work, I deserve to remain on the unemployment lines. And believe me, I have numerous connections to use as a customer base. I think I found my niche!

The friendly people of American Freightways helped me get started. They even offered freight broker training in the areas I needed help with. This freight broker agents job suits me to a “T”. I’m self-motivated, organized and know the transportation field. If there’s a shipment of merchandise that needs to get somewhere, I can get it there. I can’t thank the people of American Freightways enough for giving me this opportunity.

If you find yourself looking for a challenging, fast paced career, look into a freight broker agent job. You’ll never find yourself bored. And don’t worry about not knowing every little thing. Contact American Freightways. They have an excellent freight broker training program to get you started on your way in this exciting career. Good luck!