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Important Tips for Choosing the Right Freight Service Forwarder

07 May 2014

Choosing the right freight service forwarder is an important part of your business, as you are essentially choosing a partner that will help you reach your goals. A freight forwarder should be your trusted partner and should share your ideals for getting freight to the final destination safely and on time. If you are new to the freight industry and need help in selecting the right forwarder, keep some of the following tips in mind.

Know What You Need

The first step in finding a freight shipping forwarder service is to understand exactly what you need. Consider what you are shipping and decide on what type of transportation and services you’ll need to make it happen. Any forwarder that you contact will need to have this information, so go into your consultation fully prepared.

Look for Specific Experience

Not all freight forwarders will be able to handle your particular need, as there are various modes of transportation, regulations, and commodities to consider. Therefore, it is important to ask potential freight service forwarders about their experience in your specific type of shipment.

Consider Trade Associations and Network Memberships

Becoming a member of a reputable association in the freight forwarding industry requires integrity, high standards of operations, and financial strength. If you find a potential freight forwarder that has a membership with a reputable organization, you can feel confident that your shipment will be handled with high standards of care.

Question Service Contracts

It is important to ask freight forwarders about their service contracts and the number that they have. This is important when the availability of space on a truck, airline, or other vessel may become a problem and you need to find an alternative. The preference is to do business with a company that has relationships with multiple land, air, or ocean carriers, depending on your need.

Find Out How They Manage Shipments

Before you use your new freight service provider, you will want to be informed on how the company will manage your shipment and overall operations. Find out who your main point of contact will be, as you will want to have someone to call if you experience a problem. While some companies may provide you with one person who will help you with every facet of your shipment, other companies may use several people, each of whom has a different and defined responsibility with your account. You should also determine if updates will be communicated by email, phone, or Internet tracking.