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Is a Freight Broker Program Right for You?

02 Dec 2013

There are millions of unique jobs available that, thanks to the internet, have gotten a lot of buzz, primarily through message boards. Some say they had a horrible experience trying to make a living, while others swear that their years of experience working in the field have been a dream come true. In many instances, there are courses available online that make it quite simple to start your training. One such vocation is in becoming a freight broker.

Freight brokers are famously known as the middlemen of the transportation industry. They are licensed individuals but, because it is relatively easy to start a career by taking some freight brokerage training courses, learning the ins and outs, and starting a home business. Inevitably, there are some great stories and some horror stories coming from the trenches.

Right from the start, any legitimate freight broker program should acknowledge that it takes a little time to get off the ground. Perhaps, in some cases, the early difficulty of getting clients and contacts and breaking into the business left some people sour. Another part of it may be merely that it is too easy to begin, too easy to learn the trade, and so there is an influx of too many people trying to work in a certain confined industry. The same can be said for many other careers that get a lot of buzz. They receive a lot of attention while people talk about the big salaries and opportunities without the expensive degrees that are a prerequisite in many careers. In our internet-savvy world, a small amount of talk can turn into huge amounts of people vying for the increasingly small segment of opportunities that are available.

But, there are some success stories. Expectations may need to be kept to a level that can allow people to be happy while not becoming millionaires overnight. In theory, the courses, programs, and the position itself could not be maintained if there weren’t people finding themselves happy as freight brokers. It’s a job where there is a legitimate need. With planes, trains, trucks, automobiles and the logistics of shipping large freight all over the country and the world, there is a need for middlemen who can shepherd these shipments where they need to go, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

So, do your homework. Read the message boards, but read enough to get a reasonable view of the job and the programs that offer courses. Maybe, someday you’ll be a person who is posting positive remarks in those message boards.