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Freight Shipping Company Provides Excellent Service And Dedicated Fleet

07 Jul 2012

Contact: Mark Goodacre
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SAN DIEGO, CALIF – July 7, 2012 – Good freight companies are hard to find these days. However, freight delivery remains a top priority in the American business landscape. American Freightways provides businesses and individuals with reliable trucking services, no matter how far the freight needs to go. They offer efficient freight shipping services at low prices.

Their dedicated fleet of vehicles makes transportation quick and simple, allowing businesses and individual’s flexibility with their shipping decisions. Where American Freightways differs from other freight companies is that they are a full service freight company. Transportation services can be customized to meet virtually any customer need.

Guaranteeing on-time delivery and care on the items being shipped, American Freightways aim is to please every customer regardless of shipping needs. According to several businesses, American Freightways offered unparalleled customer service, on-time delivery of their items, and a dedicated fleet to maximize their shipping potential.

They continue to utilize American Freightways. They remain the ultimate source in small-, medium-, and large-sized business shipping needs.

American Freightways is a logistics provider that can handle logistics of any size. With reliable and timely transportation they are the standard in freight shipping. They also provide services such as warehousing and third party logistics solutions. Call (866) 326-5902 x3330 or email for more information about their services.