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Questions to Ask a Freight Shipping Company

13 Apr 2015

The decision to ship something across the country is not always an easy one. Most people have certain expectations when they enlist the services of a freight shipping company. They expect the things they ship to be delivered in a timely fashion. They expect the shipment to arrive undamaged. They also expect the cost of the shipping to be fair.

Shipping companies also have expectations. They expect their customers to properly package their items for shipment. They expect the person to be available for the pickup or delivery of the shipment. They also expect to be paid a price that allows them to make money.

Since both customers and the shipping companies have expectations, it is important to make sure that questions are asked so the expectations can be met.

  • When to expect delivery of the shipment – Companies can provide a range for delivery that can be spread over a couple of hours or a couple of days. There are many different factors that go into determining the delivery date. No matter how wide the range is the shipping company should inform the customer of what happens if the delivery is late or delayed.
  • Can the shipment be tracked – It is very possible that a person can track the progress of their shipment. This information is helpful when determining when the shipment will be delivered.
  • Are there additional fees for shipping – Many shipping companies add fees to their basic rates to cover additional costs such as rising gas prices. The fees can sometimes be significant. A question similar to this that can be asked is if the quoted price for the shipment can change.
  • What type of payment is accepted and when – A person should make sure they understand how they will pay for the shipment and if it is due before the shipment is made or when the shipment is delivered.
  • Is another freight shipping business involved – If you think that a specific company is the only one that is involved in the shipment, you may be surprised. Many companies use other shipping businesses for all or part of their shipments. Asking this will tell you who you are dealing with.
  • Is the shipment insured – This may or may not be included and can often be purchased at an additional cost.

Finding out the answers to these questions is the best way to make sure that your expectations when shipping anything are met. It is worth the time and effort it takes to ask them.