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Shipping the Right Way

12 Apr 2012

Freighting is often seen as a job that is dying off, but this is actually a field where technology can not completely overtake the industry. On the contrary; freight companies today are thriving. As the business mindset changes, so too does the logistics of each company. It is very complicated when it comes to shipping because on the one hand, you want to have the best available cost out there, and on the other hand you don’t want to have an available fleet for the amount of supplies you actually have. Shipping on the whole has become more expensive given the rise in gas prices, but there are, in fact, plenty of freight businesses that are cost effective and still achieve the end-goal for the client.

It is a time sensitive business. Freight and shipping go hand in hand and with the majority of business relying on it, being time sensitive is absolutely vital. There are freight companies whose reputations are such that they are not timely, but for every one of those there are those businesses that get the logistics delivered on time. It so happens that shipping normal USPS or FedEx will not do. That gets extremely costly – sometimes four times more than what you can ship with a normal freight business after all supplies are accounted for.

The freighting industry has been around for a long time and there is a particular reason why they strive. A good freighting business will have plenty of services on which to offer businesses. The fleet should be a diverse fleet, coupled with services that are able to transport sensitive and non-sensitive materials alike. There are many shipping lanes throughout the United States and the right fleet of vehicles should be able to get the job done.

Businesses should deploy

  1. LTL – Less than truck load trucks are the most common and can service small- to medium-sized businesses. It can sometimes move the contents within a household.
  2. FTL – Full truck loads are often the case when it comes to medium- and large-sized businesses. At times, the government sector has large quantities that are necessary.
  3. Heavy Loads – A heavy load can include mobile homes, aircraft or aircraft parts, heavy machinery, and the list goes on.

The listed ship loads accounts for virtually every business need. If you own a small business or an individual that is moving large quantities of material, then hiring a freight business like American Freightways is the way to go.