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Taking Advantage of Freight Forwarding

12 Aug 2012

Freight forwarding is common today, but you might be surprised at how it’s organized. About 90 percent of individual companies do not handle their own freight. In fact, they are ready to hand off any of the freighting of freight companies that can get freight delivery and all other logistics on time. This concept is genius because everyone is happy in the end – and that’s what you want as a business owner. Forwarding of any freight requires meticulous work and meticulous thinking – which is why you need to rely on companies that do this sort of thing. Outside of cost effectiveness, there is something to be said about someone handling thousands of pounds of freight and quite possibly millions of dollars of freight in one shipment.

Freighting of this magnitude has happened for several years. Very few people really understand how big it is and how truly convenient it is. Whether it’s transcontinental or being imported or exported, companies need to rely on the effectiveness of freight forwarding.

Here are a few advantages of letting someone forward:

  1. Free Time – Letting someone else take care of your stuff is nice. Your resources open up and so do your marketing options. If your business needs to have particular resources devoted to other aspects of the company then letting some forward your freight will go a long way. That and many businesses aren’t trained in handling freight logistics.
  2. No Risk – All risk is then assumed by the forwarding company. If anything goes wrong with anything in the process then you will be covered. However, there is very little risk of anything bad happening because these companies have provided freight forwarding services for hundreds of years now so the inner workings are all figured out.
  3. Saves Money – You are saving all the money in this case. Logistics providers are supposed to save you money but in reality, they don’t. Companies that forward freight are dealing with inventory, weighing, shipping, and invoicing (to an extent as some do, some will not). Every company should be in the mindset of saving money.

More companies should take advantage of forwarding. Freight delivery is so important for obvious reasons. It’s easy to forget that, but you have to send thousands of pounds of freight and inventory long distances. Allow a trained company like American Freightways to handle your freight. They won’t let you down.