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That’s Heavy. Heavy Freight Shipping.

24 Feb 2014

As with Marty McFly in the movie, Back to the Future, things are getting heavy. But we’re talking physically heavy. You’ve got something big to ship.

When you have something large (and I mean large, freight shipping large), you only have so many options when you need to transport it. Yes, you are most assuredly looking at heavy freight shipping as the way to get the thing from one point to another. You’re probably looking to pallet it.

Pallets are usually made of wood or plastic and typically come in standard sizes. For many reasons this helps shipping companies transport large shipping jobs. Palletized shipments often weigh up to 70 lbs., but you should look to specific pallets and their recommendations before loading your pallet. Some pallets are made for much heavier shipments.

Another reason to use a pallet is because this very large thing (or things) you are shipping may not be something easily picked up and moved by the machinery that shipping companies use. Let us look at a specific example.

Bob has a big thing to ship. This just happens to be a replica of the Delorean used in Back to the Future. It isn’t a full-sized car, but it is quite large. Bob purchased it for his son, who is 8-years-old and can drive this mini vehicle around the yard. Well, it’s a large thing, even though it is a small car. Sure, he got a great deal at the comic convention he just attended in San Diego. But how is he going to get it back to Pittsburgh?

The Delorean needs to be on a pallet. It just makes sense. It is going to need to be moved by large machinery and you don’t want to get it scratched up. Because it’s a Delorean!

You’re going to need a pallet takes the weight. This tiny car is quite heavy. In addition, the shape isn’t ideal. You’re not just shipping a box that has specific dimensions. You’re shipping a small vehicle that is wide and long and not particularly tall. A car.

But Bob is going to be plenty happy when it works out. When that great piece of Back to the Future memorabilia shows up at his Pittsburgh home, shiny and new and unmarred by any nicks or scratches due to careful shipping, he’s going to be glad that he shipped things right using the correct heavy freight shipping service.