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Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Freight Broker

24 Oct 2012

These days freight brokerage agents are in high demand. The freight industry in the USA alone has crossed the milestone of trillion-dollar turnover per year. Young graduates and other professionals who are looking for a reliable and rewarding career can consider the logistic industry. Freight franchises are the intermediary between manufacturers and the carriers who deliver the goods. Becoming a freight brokerage agent is a great opportunity, from experienced freight brokers to persons who don’t have any idea of the industry.

Here are the top 10 benefits of becoming a Freight broker:

You can be a free bird!

Working as a freight sales agent gives you the utmost freedom and flexibility to make your decision on your own. You can employ a few employees and start working independently. No matter how you run your business, you neither need to face bossism nor need you to talk to customers on the phone.

Spend more time with family or friends

Have you ever imagined a life of a driver? He definitely gets to see new places every day but driving on the road all the time ruins your thrill and excitement of the life. The drivers need to focus on one thing that they have to reach the destination place within the given deadline; else they may miss a payment. When you work as a freight broker, you have the right to define your working hours on your own. So, you can spare some time for your kids, friends and family, which will make your life happy and meaningful.

Make more money!

The freight industry is no more an alien term today. Perhaps, it is one of the top most popular industries in the world. If you have a professional network of say thousands of dollars, you can take the advantage of your sound database of shippers and consignees. You may pursue freight broker agents training to streamline your business, enhance customer support, and raise the turnover amount to flourish your business, instead of allowing other freight brokers to harm your bottom line.

Zero Commute Hours

Working from home and still making good money is a lifetime dream for many. Wake up at your will and set again your PC with slippers and cozy home dresses. The lunch is served hot and you may take even an hour to finish it up. You need not to travel by taxis, trains or car, nor you need to walk fast to reach the office. Well, it’s no more a dream. You can make this true by undergoing the professional training of freight broker and then start your own business.

The least Investment for a bright future!

You will need around $3500 to begin your professional career as a freight brokerage agent, from the training to licensing and establishing a shop. I personally know many freight brokers who started their career in a very small office and today their work spaces are almost five or more times larger.

Monthly overhead as low as $400

If you work from home or you’re a one man army, you will always save some bucks on overhead. Freight brokers just need to talk to shippers and carriers on the phone, and sometimes research or track the shipment online or via phone. So, there is less overhead cost in the business.

No limits….. No Boundaries!

Container freight shipping service can be offered across a country, continent or the world. So, geographically there are no boundaries in the freight brokerage business. You can keep up building your image in the market and adding more contacts in your networks; sky is the only limit!

Set up a family business

If you find yourself successful as a freight broker, you can begin a robust business where all the members of your family can be fitted. Create employment for a large number of professionals.

Give an invaluable inheritance

If you own a freight brokerage firm which is currently managed by you and your family, long after when you’re no more, your next generations can relish in this priceless asset.

So, don’t delay any more? Contact American Freightways for a good freight broker training program and get set for the triumph!