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Top 6 Points to Consider Before You Sign Up with a Freight Forwarder

30 Nov 2012

If you are already involved in an import and export business, you may be well-acquainted with the term ‘Freight Forwarder’. For those not aware, a freight forwarder can be an individual or a firm who ships a large number of products via different carriers such as trucks, trains, airplanes and cargo ships. The primary job of a forwarding company is to trace the movement of freight to and from the particular places as defined by the shipper and consignee.

Choosing the wrong freight broker agents or freight forwarders for shipments can turn out to be a traumatic experience. Thus, it is vital to hire a reliable, experienced and competent company like American Freightways who can help you accomplish the shipping successfully within budget. Below are the top 6 points to bear in mind before partnering with a freight forwarding firm:

  1. Don’t get tempted by the Big Fish!
    It is not always a guarantee that if you hire the large and most reputed firm for freight shipping; you are at a benefit at the end. Well-established forwarding companies can charge high amounts of money which may impact your business’ revenues and hurt your bottom line. Today, there exists a large number of freight forwarding companies that offer quality services at a reasonable price. However, it is important to ensure that the company you’re hiring is capable of handling the size and type of freight you want to ship.
  2. Experience Counts
    It is risky to hire a company who has never dealt with the type and size of shipment you have to offer. Make sure that the firm you’re hiring has ample experience in successfully accomplishing freight shipping.
  3. Check Out the Resources
    The freight forwarding firm you’re signing up with should have enough resources and good skills in managing the type of product you want to ship. The forwarder’s expertise in dealing with custom papers and clearance (when applicable) turns out to be an extremely useful factor for on-time and hassle-free delivery.
  4. Effective Communication
    The forwarder you hire should be capable of explaining the procedure to you in an effective way. Remember, communication between you and the forwarder plays a crucial role in this kind of trade. Thus, make sure the company you hire speaks well!
  5. Product-Specific Knowledge
    If the specific kind of information is required to store and ship your products successfully, you must make sure that the freight forwarding company has proper understanding and knowledge to deal with shipping your products. Product specific expertise matters a lot!
  6. Word Of Mouth Still Works!
    Though the world has been transformed into an era of the internet, word of mouth is still a more reliable way of choosing a service provider company. The best way to know what people have to say about the forwarding company is to visit its website and check out its portfolio. You can also consider recommendations given by your friends, colleagues or other businesses you know.