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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Freight Forwarding Company

21 Dec 2012

Physical boundaries are no longer a barrier amongst businesses and entrepreneurs. With the professional service of international logistics service providers, billions of pounds of freight are transported across the world every day. If you are wondering whether you should hire a freight forwarding company or not, you may read on the following 8 points:

  1. Supply Chain Management

    Sending goods from one country to another involves many different carriers and awareness of shipping laws of both the countries. From order processing and order management to workflow management, a freight forwarder looks after every supply chain needs of your company.

  2. Network That Understands Your Business

    A freight forwarder understands your business needs and helps you achieve your objectives in the most effective manner. They have a well established network of carriers, agents, and custom officers which enable them to transport freight easily and quickly.

  3. Document Preparation and Logistics Management

    From planning and document preparation to carrier selection, the forwarding company will look after your every single need in shipping the freight internationally, or domestically. They will perform all formalities and legalities for you; you simply need to inform them about the destination.

  4. On-time Delivery

    Freight forwarding firms hire agents to work for them in different parts of the world. Some companies hire fresh candidates and offer them on-the-job freight broker agents training. The agents contact traders and transportation companies worldwide. Professional forwarding companies guarantee delivery of freight within the agreed time-frame.

  5. Meaningful Communication

    It is rare but mishaps may occur in shipping the freight. A professional company always keeps the affected clients in the loop and let them know about every single event happened during the shipping process. They proactively call you or remain available on chat.

  6. Service you can rely on

    Once you hand over the freight to a forwarder, they will handle it throughout the way until it reaches the agreed destination. They will provide you with a unique tracking number. You can use this number to track your freight anytime. They have license and permission to work with various carriers in every country they deliver their service for.

  7. Improves ROI

    An experienced freight forwarder is well aware of global freight shipping laws, so it takes less time with them to complete the paperwork and deliver the goods to its destination as soon as possible. Avoiding unnecessary delays and collecting multiple shipment projects, the forwarder reduces the overall cost of goods delivery.

  8. One for all!

    It is far easier to deal with one company for all your supply chain needs than dealing with many different companies for the same. A logistics solution provider company like American Freightways can cater to all your logistics needs.

With excellent acumen, sound experience and competent planning, freight forwarding companies deal with freight shipping of any type and size of the goods, anywhere across the globe. You just need to choose the right company that can work effectively for your business.