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Understanding Freight Broker Agents Wanted Postings

29 Sep 2014

So, you’re looking for a new career path or just starting out. There are many job titles that may pop out at you. Let’s say you’ve seen “Freight Broker Agents Wanted” on American Freightways web site. This might be something you are interested in but do you know what a freight broker agent does? If you have no experience, do you know where to get freight broker agent training?

Let’s start with the definition of freight broker agent. A freight broker agent is a third party that coordinates shipping service between a business needing shipping services and the best trucking company for them. Many freight shipping companies use freight broker agents to secure shippers for them to keep costs down as they don’t have to have full time staff on the payroll to perform this function. Truckers benefit from a freight broker agent because it helps keep their trucks full and on the road.

Being a freight broker agent is a fast paced career. The broker agent must be familiar with the cargo industry. Many agents get their initial experience with a trucking company. Once the ins and outs of the cargo industry are familiar, developing a client list is essential. To be successful a freight broker agent needs to have a good working relationship with shippers and freight companies. You’ll need to match shippers with appropriate freight companies. Know which freight companies are capable of handling heavy loads or livestock; which companies can handle perishable loads. Know what regional areas are serviced by which freight companies. Having experience in the cargo industry is not required if you find a company like American Freightways to train you. They have an excellent freight broker agent training program you can take advantage of.

A freight broker agent must be someone who is organized. The agent will have to coordinate the shippers cargo needs as well as pick-up and delivery time frame requirements with a trucking company that can match these requirements. An agent must have a positive attitude, good work ethic and be personable. No one will want to work with a disgruntled, grumbling freight broker agent.

Now you know exactly what a freight broker agent does and how to become successful in this career. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The next time you see “Freight Broker Agents Wanted”; don’t hesitate to apply for this fast, challenging and rewarding career.