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Understanding the Freight Shipping Business

26 May 2015

Many people are turning to the internet to create e-commerce businesses. In order for these businesses to be successful they have to do many things right. They have to offer products that people want to buy. They need to sell them at a price that people are willing to pay. They need to get people to visit their website to see what they are selling. If they accomplish all of this, they also have to figure out how they will get the things they sell to the customers they have.

Most e-commerce sites will turn to a freight shipping company to deliver the products they sell to their customers. There will be a cost associated with shipping products. The e-commerce sites have the choice of passing this cost onto their customers or they can offer to pay for the shipping of their products. Either way it is important to understand what goes into the cost of shipping.

  • What is being shipped – This will play one of the largest roles in the cost of shipping. A car will cost more to ship than a piece of jewelry. The size, weight and bulkiness of the item will determine the cost of shipping.
  • Where is it being shipped to – This includes both the distance that a shipment has to travel and the final destination. In general the longer the distance, the more it will cost to ship. The cost of an international shipment versus a domestic shipment will also play a role in the final cost.
  • The method of shipping – Shipments can be made by rail, truck, boat or air. Each method will carry a different cost with it. There are some shipments that will use a combination of different methods to get the product form the point of shipping to the final destination.
  • The speed of shipment – If you want something delivered overnight, it will cost more than sending it through a slower delivery method.

These are only some of the things that are associated with the cost of shipping. A freight shipping business can add on other fees that can also raise the cost of shipping. Insurance on the shipment, special handling, door-to door pickup and delivery and fragile items may incur additional costs. The best way to find out about what it will cost to ship a package is to ask. Find out what the different factors are and how the package that is being shipped is affected. This will allow an e-commerce business to get exactly what they need so their customers’ expectations are met and everyone is happy.