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Using Freight Shipping Services for Trade Shows

29 Mar 2017

As you are getting prepared for a trade show and you are responsible for shipping all items for your exhibit, like giveaways and sales collateral, it may be difficult to know how it will all make it there. Most freight shipping services provide help which will ship your trade show exhibits over to your destination. Below are the advantages of using freight shipping for a trade show:


A freight shipping firm has the expertise of moving trade show exhibits. Businesses provide guaranteed delivery for the date you have to have it. Freight shipping businesses have solid relationships with local contractors and unions to make sure your trade show exhibit will get taken down and set up on time.


A freight shipping company has expertise in moving a broad array of shipments, from full truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), to ocean and air freight. They are skilled at dealing with unforeseen circumstances and understand how to meet deadlines. Also, they provide flexible options which permit you to ship a trade show exhibit any place in the world. A freight shipping company has coordinated outbound and inbound procedures which make pickup simple for you and provide you the capability of scheduling freight pickups on weekends, nights or days.

On-Site Support

Most businesses provide on-site exhibit managers which will observe your inbound shipments. It’ll ensure that your trade show exhibit reaches its destination in a timely manner, and efficiently and quickly gets set up. Freight shipping services have skilled trade show professionals which are there to assist you with breakdown and set-up.


Reputable trade show shipping companies offer updated tracking details for your exhibit. It’ll permit you to check out the progress of the trade show exhibit in order for you to be rest assured that the exhibit arrives to its destination in a timely manner. Most businesses provide various methods of tracking your package, including through a live chat, on the phone or online.

Peace of Mind

Getting prepared for a trade show may be tiring because there are so many things you need to take into account – who from your team is going to be attending, what marketing materials you should bring, how to get the exhibit to the trade show and much more. As you use a freight shipping firm, you will have one less thing to be concerned about. They will ensure that the exhibit arrives to the trade show in a timely manner and without being damaged.