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What are the Various Auto Transporting Services?

06 Jan 2017

Auto transport services include the ones which ship a car over land or overseas. Also, it’s possible to ship an automobile by air, yet this is rarely done because of the enormous cost. In many instances, the least expensive methods of shipping an auto is going to be the most used, which includes the ones which involve shipping by truck or towing. Towing usually is a service only performed for short-range transports.

The ones who use auto transporting services to ship an automobile over land typically might select a service which uses a semi-tractor for these types of purposes. In that case, an auto is going to be driven onto a ramp then secured to the trailer. Oftentimes, the structure of a trailer is open to the air. It’s the way most commercial cars are shipped, yet might not be a practical method of shipping a car unless there are several vehicles which have to be shipped.

Additional overland vehicle shipping services might involve utilizing a container, like a traditional semi-trailer, or freight train. Those methods might be a bit better for single-vehicle shipping. Vehicle shipping services involving one auto will be costlier, per unit, than having to ship several cars. Selecting between a road or rail auto transporting service might be a decision that is based both on timeliness and cost. Auto transport services might provide both methods.

The way for auto shipping services to get to an overseas location is going to be by ship’s container. A vehicle is going to be loaded inside a container, then transferred to the sea port, typically by land. Then, the container is loaded onto a large cargo ship, as well as transported to its suitable location. Transfers also may be made along the way if there isn’t any direct path offered. It’s one of the slowest ways to ship a vehicle, and often can take months.

Another type of auto shipping service, and maybe the least expensive, are the ones which use employees to drive a car from location to location. That might not be considered a real auto shipping service, merely because a vehicle’s own power is being used for the move. Still, for the ones who just need to move an auto from one destination to another, and can’t drive it themselves, it’s another choice to consider. Of course, this method will placed extra wear and tear on a car.