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What is so Common Among all Successful freight Brokers?

08 Jul 2013

A freight broker training program will definitely tell you about the fast-paced lifestyle of freight brokers, but there is one thing any broker training school won’t share with you; it is a fact that the roadmap to the success in the freight brokerage industry of America is full of clutter including a large number of inactive property broker licenses.

But the million dollar question is what you can do so your freight brokerage business doesn’t become a part of cold statistics?

We conducted two-way discussions with some of the most popular and successful freight brokers in the United States and found what they all have in common:

1. Only Result-Oriented Approach

Successful freight brokers and agents have a definite goal set behind their every action. They undertake a tactical approach to accomplish their desired business objectives. Some freight brokerage often gets immensely busy with the launch of their new venture – studying the market, preparing the business plan, completing documentations and a number of other stuff involved. And they overlook the thing that can make them win, which is to continue running the business even if 100% setup is not done.

On your way to the success, you have always a chance to redefine or change your plans provided you are taking concrete and calculable steps to obtain the goals you have defined for yourself and your freight brokerage firm as a whole. Many freight brokers have realized that well-defined goals and benchmarks for the success help them cut their big goal into many different smaller objectives, where every small objective is fairly easy to achieve.

2. Self-motivated

They are very passionate about what they do. Regardless if it is sufficient time given to the family, ample resources to do what they enjoy the most, or no matter what it is the thing that stirs your strong desire for success, self-motivation is the key that will strike them off the moment you get up in the morning and nourish them throughout the day.

3. Strategically Powerful

Daily routine of any freight broker embraces tens of thousands of details to look after. And when you are completely involved in these things for a long term, there is often the tendency to lose the sight on ‘the big picture’ of your business for the mass of details. Some businesses get embroiled in their daily routine to the extent that they forget their vision for running the business.

When you start overlooking long-term business goals for short-term business benefits, it is high time to stop and evaluate your mindset towards the business; else there are chances your competitors will leave you in the lurch and your business may stop growing.

Successful freight brokers have a strategic mindset and they continuously evaluate the things they do, and never hesitate of learning new things. They always keep an eye on the industry, especially on their competitors and business partners. And that’s why their business can get adapted to any undesirable industry change easily and quickly.

4. Customer-centric

‘Customer is the king’ – No matter what industry you belong to, but this holds true for all businesses. A satisfied customer has the highest chances of being a repeat customer. Successful freight brokers understand the importance of customer service and customer satisfaction in fulfilling their business goals. And hence they remain devoted to customers’ interests and needs. Ensure fast and safe delivery of freight for shippers and make timely payment to carriers – these two things will keep your business growing.

5. Good Decision-making Skills

In freight brokerage business, you often come across moments when you need to decide what to do first of all what is essential, urgent or important. Quick decision making is a must in this business. And all successful brokers have this in common.

6. Proactive Actions

Successful freight brokers do not wait for something to go wrong. Rather, they prepare a response mechanism to address all problems or issues that may happen during the shipping process.

7. Multi-tasking Capacity

Many claims for this virtue, but not all actually masters it. In their fast-paced life, a broker needs to do hundreds of things in a daily life and doing multiple things simultaneously is a skill that most successful brokers have in common.

8. Build network

If you want to continue getting clients and business, it is essential to nurture your relationships with your partners, customers, other brokers and freight shipping service providers in the market.

Want to be in the big league of freight brokers? Follow these eight common characteristics of successful freight brokers.