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What Kind of Freight Shipping Jobs Are Out There?

25 Aug 2014

The business of shipping is one of many employment opportunities. With the increase in internet orders, the shipping business is growing at a record rate with no end in sight. It’s a great time to get in on the action with a number of different freight shipping jobs. Look at some of the things you can do.

There are many jobs in the shipping/transportation industry, but the most visible is the truck driver. If you like driving long distances and going to different areas of the country, this might be the perfect freight shipping service job for you. To become a tractor trailer driver you must get specialized licensing to operate the semi and carry different types of cargo. Most go through a trade school to obtain this license. Once you are licensed you can get hired by a freight company as a company driver, driving one of their trucks. There is also an owner operator position where you own the truck and deliver for the freight company. This option requires the owner of the truck to finance all licenses and ensure the vehicle is up to date with all regulations and insurances. Or you could be a dedicated driver where your trucks are used solely by the freight company.

Looking at other freight shipping jobs, another career in the freight industry is a freight broker. This person is responsible for finding companies that require the services of a freight company. The broker negotiates all the details between the company and the carrier, including, cost, paperwork and checking insurances. This career is for someone who can work independently and is motivated. Some brokers work from an officer and others even work out of their own home.

Of course, there are many other career opportunities out there. Most freight companies have mechanics, warehouse people, clerical workers and dispatchers in addition to other various positions. The employment opportunities within a company will be based on the freight shipping services that the particular company offers. Do they need local drivers or long distance drivers? Do they need drivers licensed for different types of cargo? The larger the company, the more opportunities there will be.

If the freight shipping industry interests you, give a call to a freight company. Many companies like American Freightways also have excellent training programs for those new to the field. If you’re feeling stagnant in your present job, it might be time to get moving with a career in the freight shipping industry.