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What to Expect From a Good Freight Shipping Service

10 Nov 2014

There are many freight shipping businesses out there. Each one claims to be the best one you can choose for your particular shipping needs. When you are researching a freight shipping business, just looking on line might not give you the best information. Before choosing a freight shipping service, there are a few questions you should get answered.

Most businesses looking for a shipping service might consider cost as the most important factor. This is often a mistake. Of course cost is something that must be considered, but it isn’t the most important factor. You also want to ensure your products get to their destination on time and undamaged as well as keeping costs down. An experienced shipping business will know how to match your shipment with an appropriate sized truck. This will save you from unnecessary fees for using a larger truck than you need. Working with an experienced freight shipping service might not offer you the lowest prices, but can offer you competitive pricing with on time, secure delivery.

In researching a freight shipping service you will need to know if they have a history of delivering shipments in a timely manner. Does the shipper have access to a well maintained fleet of trucks that won’t be delayed for mechanical problems? Are the drivers certified? Do their drivers have a record of violating DOT regulations? And what about the items being shipped? Does this company have complaints of damaged shipments? Is the company adequately insured to cover any losses? It’s clear that opting for a low cost shipping company won’t save you money or keep customers if shipments are late and/or damaged.

An experienced freight shipping business will have professional staff working with you that will readily answer your questions. Research the company for information on customer satisfaction. Additionally, the company itself should volunteer references when asked. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against a company. A shipping business that is reputable will be courteous and be willing to work with you to solve your freight shipping needs. Good customer service will allow you to build a bond of trust with the freight shipping service you decide to use.

You can find a freight shipping service that will meet your needs. All it takes is knowing your goals, asking the right questions and doing research on the company you choose.